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13 ways to get yourself blacklisted by escorts and escort agencies

Take a chance and use black list section for girls. Did you have a problematic client? Was rude to your girls? Use section for  black listed clients

Most of the time, you have to do something pretty drastic to get blacklisted by an escort. But, clients often claim they really have no clue what it was about their behavior that drove an escort to block their calls and inquiries. Sometimes, it’s a combination of actions. Other instances may culminate due to a build-up of issues. If you are concerned that you might tick off your escort enough to put you on her “never again” list, avoid the following taboos:

  1. Failure to show up and being late: When an escort books an encounter, she relies on you to show up. Her available encounters are valuable commodities that she depends on to earn her income. When you fail to show up for a booking, she is out not only for the time she had banked on with you, but also time she could’ve spent with another client. If she turned away a client who would have actually arrived as promised, she may be even more upset over your failure to appear. By not showing up, you are causing her to lose money. Additionally, when you are tardy for an encounter, it’s not her fault. She will not extend your booking period, simply because you were late. Keeping her waiting for bad planning on your part is discourteous. (She understands some circumstances may occur that will prevent your arrival and cause you to cancel a booking.) Being a no-show or a perpetual late arrival may get you blacklisted, for sure.
  2. Being a timewaster: Escorts attempt to target timewasters early on in the booking process. When you call and attempt to engage them in a bunch of small talk, without booking, they suspect you’re a timewaster. Clients (or prospective clients) who contact them and ask tons of questions, many of them not even applicable to booking an encounter, they are pretty sure you’re a timewaster. If you ask them what they are wearing, they may just hang up on you. Many escorts are pretty business like on the phone and during the booking process, as they need to nail down details about who you are, where to meet and their fees. If they suspect you’re trying to get other information out of them or obtain some cheap (free) thrills through talking to them, they will cut you off immediately. Calling back repeatedly with new questions or requests will label you as a timewaster Escorts don’t want to waste their time on would-be clients who are never going to book or won’t follow through with a scheduled encounter. When you contact them, get to the point. If you have questions, ask them directly. If you’re unsure you want to book, state that and let them get back to whatever they were doing when you called. You can always call them back when you’ve made your decision.
  3. Poor hygiene: Escorts go to a lot of trouble and spend a lot of time getting ready for you. When you show up and are dirty, smelly or otherwise demonstrate poor hygiene, it fully negates their effort. AND, it turns them off. Who wants to become intimate with a client who smells of body odor or is all sweaty from gym? If you have a job where you leave from work dirty, let her know ahead of time and be willing to take a shower prior to intimate contact. This, however, is different than the client who shows up and hasn’t brushed his teeth in well over a week. Avoid showing up with scratchy stubble, do some proper manscaping ahead of time and slather on a little extra deodorant on your way to an encounter. Be willing to clean up before getting to the “good” part of the booking, if your escort asks you to. If she has to hold her breath the whole time or is grossed out by how dirty you are, she will blacklist you as soon as you leave. She may even turn you away upon first sight.
  4. Displaying poor manners, lack of common courtesy or no respect: If you can’t say “thank you,” “please” or “excuse me,” you need to learn these basic manners. Escorts don’t tolerate clients who can’t be just plain nice. But, this may be the least of your problem. If you’re a client who expects your escort to tolerate all levels of disrespect by berating them, criticizing them or insinuating they are a class below you, don’t even think about trying to find some companionship. If you’re rude and say mean things, you will find few escorts who will see you. Basically, you need to treat escorts like you would want to be treated. Exhibit common courtesy and compassion. Curb your tongue, as verbal abuse will not be tolerated. Essentially, if you can’t be nice, don’t expect to have any repeat bookings with escorts. And, your reputation may precede you with other providers who refuse to accept encounters with you, too.
  5. Lying: Just like lying to your momma, your dishonesty will not be tolerated or accepted by escorts. They need to know that their clients are telling them the truth. They rely on you providing accurate information so that they may screen you for security purposes. Clients who lie about who they are or other details during the screening process throw up red flags for escorts, causing them to blacklist for safety threats. Being dishonest about anything may indicate to an escort that you’re hiding something. Of course, escorts don’t need to know every little detail about your life. However, they do need to trust you. If they feel like you’re constantly hiding things from them, there is no trust. Your relationship with your escort should include being able to rely on discretion and the truth. Lying to an escort will definitely get you on her (and others’) black list.
  6. Pushing boundaries: Escorts set up guidelines and rules for reasons, and they want them followed. Pushing boundaries means that you try to bend the rules or persuade her to change her guidelines for you. Staying beyond your encounter conclusion time, encouraging her to engage in services she’s prohibited, asking her to break the law or pushing her to do something she doesn’t want to are all ways clients push boundaries. Escorts need to be able to trust their clients to abide by their rules and wishes. If they feel like you are a perpetual boundary pusher, they may block you from future bookings. They may warn you ahead of time, or they may just quit accepting your calls. Pay attention to their rules and obey them. It’s a form of respect and escorts won’t tolerate clients who don’t respect them enough to follow their wishes.
  7. Put the kibosh on the weirdness: Escorts pay close attention to your behavior when you schedule an encounter. Clients who act paranoid, overly suspicious or generally “odd” when booking, may be put on the “watch” list. Escorts have to pay attention to the weirdness that clients display to ensure their own safety. Psychologically unsound individuals who book encounters may demonstrate ahead of time that they have tendencies that threaten the safety of an escort. If escorts simply dismissed every client who acted off beat, they would put themselves at risk a lot. However, they understand that booking an escort for the first time may be an experience that causes you some anxiety and stress. Also, when you first show up, do your best to act “normal.” But, if you have some sort of condition that impacts your behavior, let the escort know ahead of time. Your explanation may provide ample reason for your actions that might otherwise be misread as cues for a safety threat. Some basics to watch out for: 1) Don’t act paranoid, 2) Maintain eye contact, 3) Speak clearly and 4) Be calm.)
  8. Ignoring instructions might get you banned: Escorts often give clients clear directions about where to park, which entrance to use, how to confirm an encounter, etc. If you can’t follow her instructions, she may ban you from future interactions. Often, her guidelines ensure both of your privacy. Discretion is highly valued by both of you — and, her instructions may guide you to the least suspicious entrance to use, proper place to park to avoid attention and most efficient modes of payment. If you refuse to follow her directions, she may just tell you to find a new escort.
  9. Not paying as agreed upon: Escorts rely on you to follow their directions about payment. They set a rate and that’s what they expect to be paid for the encounter you’ve booked. If you arrive to a booking and expect to bargain with an escort about the rate you’re willing to pay, you’re going to leave unhappy. There is no negotiation about her fee. If you attempt to talk her down in price, she will ban you. Furthermore, she expects you to provide payment in cash. If you plan to pay an escort in gift cards, vouchers, with a check or any other form of crazy currency, you will leave empty handed. She wants you to arrive with correct change. She doesn’t carry extra cash to make up for the change that is the difference between her rate and what you’ve brought. She will just consider the extra as a tip. Do not attempt to give her counterfeit money. Escorts will expect payment prior to any serious time spent together during an encounter. It’s best to have it ready at the beginning of your booking and not require her to ask for her. If it’s an issue to pay her before things get “good,” she will turn you away.
  10. Arriving under the influence: Any client who shows up for an encounter drunk or high will be turned away. Firstly, escorts can’t depend on clients to behave “normally” when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Clients may act out in odd ways, such as being more aggressive or using poor judgment. Clients are more physical or may be verbally abusive, when they wouldn’t be otherwise. Showing up after drinking too much or getting high is also disrespectful to your escort. She expects that you will follow her rules, which prohibit such behavior. Not only will she ban you for being under the influence, but she will blacklist you because she lost income over losing your encounter. It’s just a no-win situation when you try to sneak into a booking under the influence.
  11. Don’t try to make it an hour of pure sex: Escort encounters are not just about sexual intercourse. They are about companionship, intimacy, affection and, often, intercourse. Escorts usually spend a considerable amount of time acquainting themselves with you through conversation and innocent flirting. They may provide massages, witty discourse and friendship. It’s common for encounters to include activities far removed from sex. However, some clients are interested solely in intimacy they expect from a booking. When this occurs, escorts attempt to provide as much physical affection as possible. But, it’s physically uncomfortable for them to allow a client to pound away at them for an entire booking without a break for other intimacies. If you’ve taken an erectile enhancing drug prior to the booking, don’t be surprised if you’re left unsatisfied when an escort won’t allow you to engage in full-on intercourse for all of the booking. And, don’t be shocked when she won’t see you next time.
  12. Making her read your mind may turn her away: Escorts always ask a client what their expectations are for an encounter. And, while she’s an expert at intimacy, she needs to know your preferences and hopes for the booking. She wants you to leave pleased and satisfied. If you don’t give her some hints, cues or insight along the way, she’s left trying to read your mind to figure out what you want. This is unfair to your escort, because you may not be happy with her efforts, in the end. Give her a chance to please you fully by laying out what your expectations are from the beginning. If she feels like you left her to just wing it, she may drop you next time you call. It’s hard enough to ensure a client is satisfied when you know what he wants, but trying to figure him out along the way with no hints is impossible!
  13. Any tricks around the condom: Any escort who is worth her rate is going to make you wear a condom. Regardless of your pleas or declamations that you’re “clean”, no self-respecting escort is going to risk her health. If you attempt to proceed without a condom, she will have every right to walk out on you. If you refuse to wear protection, she will show you to the door. If she feels like you will try to sneak by without it, she will refuse to see you again. Using a condom during intercourse is a non-negotiable rule for escorts. If you’re not willing to follow it, call your right hand and celebrate your hitting the escorts’ blacklist.

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