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What Life is Like for a High-Class Escort

The life of a high-class escort is often pictured as glamorous and luxurious, but there is a lot of mystery surrounding this career. So, what’s it really like to be a high-class escort and what does a day in the life of a companion really involve? 

Grooming and Maintenance 

As you would expect, a high-class escort is impeccably groomed and well presented 100% of the time. Much time is dedicated to ensuring that an escort looks and feels her best so she is ready for any eventuality. This could mean spending time on their beauty regime, visiting the hairdressers, preening their eyebrows or polishing their nails. Of course, looking good goes beyond having perfect hair, skin and nails. A lot of time goes into investing in clothes, shoes and sexy lingerie. 

Working Out 

All of our high-class escorts have physiques to die for and this doesn’t come without time and effort. All of our girls love to tone their bodies both in and out of the gym. A portion of the day will be dedicated to working on their body whether this may be a yoga class, a hike or laps in the pool. Escorts like to be in the best shape possible for both themselves and their clients and as a result, exercise and adopting a healthy lifestyle is part and parcel of the job.


A huge part of escorting is spent entertaining clients from going out for dinner to steamy encounters with a partner. There is a lot of variety, often every day can be different. Some evenings may involve wining and dining with a companion, sipping champagne or a cocktail in the finest bars in the city. 

Studying and Learning 

High-class escorts are intelligent and well educated and they dedicate plenty of time to bettering themselves. One of the reasons escorts are so well versed in the art of conversation is that they are constantly learning new things. This could mean attending lectures and seminars as many escorts are also full time students or it could mean taking a course, learning a new language or pursuing an interest. Escorts are often driven, ambitious and talented as this is what it takes to be successful in the industry. 

There are a lot of misconceptions about the lifestyle that escorts live and this blog post outlines the day to day responsibilities and activities of a typical high-class escort. 

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