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The best luxury escorts in Italy 2024: who are they? A question which is quite easy to answer but not without a necessary psycho sociological premise.
There are many escort ad sites online, but there are very few that deal with luxury escorts.
Most Italian men are satisfied with little, with poor derelicts, often drug addicts or alcoholics or, even worse, with slaves of various human traits who receive their clients in squalid and dirty 3 square meter apartments.

It is not just a question of economic possibility, it would be too easy to summarize the phenomenon in terms of cost/quality.
Many clients, in fact, lead a double/triple life and have significant sexual problems. This type of consumer does not experience fun and excitement with a beautiful, young model, while they prefer the transexual who has very little that is feminine, apart from heavy make up, long hair (which is actually a wig) and fake breasts.
Those who we define as “Trans Jimi Hendrix” are very popular, that is, those bearded and hairy, very muscular, super gifted and with a baritone voice.

These are sex users who are afraid of real women, who hate them or with whom they cannot relax because they are too beautiful.
Fortunately, there are portals that advertise and review only classy escorts and high class courtesans, splendid girls suitable for accompanying men without psychiatric and sexual problems.
The escort site topclass escort  is one of the best advertisement sites for luxury escorts in Italy because it also gives the customer the opportunity to post their experience through special forms for escort reviews.
In this way you avoid the risks of scams and scams or of meeting girls who have nothing to do with the photos published on the pages dedicated to them.


The best luxury escorts in Italy 2024: the reason for a choice

We asked for opinions from high level escorts present on the most famous luxury escort ad sites in Italy. We asked a simple question but with no easy answer: why do men choose you?

Sharona, a splendid luxury escort in Venice, gave us her opinion:
“I don’t think they come to me just because I’m a fitness model. Sure, beauty helps a lot, but I’m not your typical high class escort. I have muscles all over which not all men like. Some of them prefer anorexics, also called “heroin chic” because they give them the illusion of being much more virile than they actually are. They are tastes, and as such they must be respected.
My typical client, on the contrary, is himself a sportsman, someone who eats healthily, who has no vices, who doesn’t take drugs and who probably hasn’t even been vaccinated. These are very beautiful boys and men with whom it is even more passionate and pleasant to have good sex.”

Iriza, a very famous luxury escort in Pisa Livorno, has very clear ideas:
“Everyone comes to me, from the sprightly wealthy old man to the eager little boy. They are mentally healthy men who are irremediably attracted by my perfect and very high buttocks. They all have in common the desire to experience an amazing anal intercourse, like the one that only I can offer.
I’m not skinny, but very toned and above all I don’t spend whole days in the gym, like some of my colleagues do. I have small breasts, but my special friends don’t care. They go crazy for my little ass, a great gift that nature has given me, and for my long blonde hair. I have nothing redone and I’m proud of it.”

Luxury escorts in Milan

Lillian, the most famous and expensive top class luxury escort in Milan, has a different vision from her colleagues:

I am undeniably beautiful. I don’t have a flaw. On the one hand I have to thank mother nature, but on the other I also have to thank myself because only I know the great sacrifices I undergo to be the one you all see. They call me a goddess, I’m used to it now and it doesn’t even make an impression on me anymore.
For me it’s normal. My enemy is only time that I will fight until the end of my days. Only men of the highest social and economic rank come to me. Few Italians and many foreigners. I remember that a couple of times I was contacted by the fathers of two adult but very clumsy kids. These gentlemen were desperate, they feared that their children were homosexual and they saw in me the solution to all their offspring’s problems.

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It was a very difficult and long job for which I was paid a lot of money. It wasn’t a night, much less a few hours. I had to get to know these poor things and try to get into their little heads tortured by society and certainly also by their parents.
My undeniable beauty did a lot but I had to do the hardest work with my mind, through my empathic ability.
I don’t know if I’m reunited to truly solve all their existential problems, because I’m not a psychiatrist.
These big boys like Asians and all oriental culture, including the sexual perversions that come with this ethnicity,  because they are fascinated by Japanese cartoons and one of them even had zoophilic fantasies. I can’t perform miracles yet, unfortunately.”

The best luxury escorts in Italy 2024: What makes them different from the others?

Martina, luxury escort in Bologna Rimini Riccione, answers this question:
“At the beginning of my career, when I was 20 years old (he’s now 2.), I was convinced that my power was all concentrated in my statuesque beauty, and I was wrong. That’s not how it works. There really are hundreds of thousands of beautiful girls all over the world who are also playmates but then are abandoned, end up in strange circles, start taking drugs and some of them commit suicide or are killed.


So no, it’s not extreme beauty that makes you the best escort in Italy or any other country in the world. Forget this silly evaluation parameter. What is needed is to be cultured, soft ladies in waiting, never aggressive but always cautious.
Kind, polite, company but never, ever lose control of themselves. You have to be beautiful but healthy girls, balanced, with great knowledge of etiquette and good manners.

Never be rude and talk too much or too much about yourself. We are women of pleasure for men who pay a lot of money and our job is to give them memorable hours, nights and days. That’s why I have won several awards as the best escort in Bologna.”

Many awards have also been awarded to Rose, in fact, we would say that she is the best luxury escort in Italy.
And she tells us what her secret is:

“For the second consecutive year I obtained the Palme d’Or for the affectionate courtesan in Rome. I am truly happy and moved by such a demonstration of esteem and love from my customers.
What do I do special to make myself loved? I don’t know, maybe it’s a mixture of variables, a kind of cosmic algorithm that has always made my life much simpler than other girls who are even more fascinating than me. Oh God, it’s true that I’ve won a lot of awards for my beauty and that alone, but in this job, that of a high level escort in Rome, you really need something else.

On escort review sites in Rome, they say that I have a regal, smiling and kind attitude.
I don’t even do it on purpose, it’s not a studied attitude. I simply had a certain type of education. I was lucky enough to have been loved very much by my parents when I was little and until I was 20.
Just three years ago my family had a very serious financial meltdown and I chose to become, not just a high class escort, but the best on the market, and apparently it’s working.
Therefore I believe that my secret is just to love people and life, to accept good and bad weather and to never give up, because it can’t rain forever”.

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