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High level escorts in Milan: how to choose the best?

An age old problem because the internet has now become a jungle where you can no longer understand what is true from what is not. The only certainty is that Milan is the capital of high level fashion and prostitution.
The owners of luxury escort sites, those who can be found on Google by typing the keywords “luxury escort ads“, told us that, according to their estimates, there are few truly beautiful girls who engage in sex working. Most are just pretty, made up women who appear to be precious only because they dress very well and have high expectations, while in reality they are physically and facially less than mediocre.


In the opinion of the owners of some of the most famous luxury escort advertisement sites, Milan has become among the first world centers in which to find the best high level escorts even if, as we have said, in reality the ones truly worthy of note are very few.
To be sure of not getting ripped off, it is necessary to refer to the escort reviews of customers, otherwise you could risk truly having a bad experience.
There are many users of escort forums who assiduously frequent only high level escorts in Milan thanks to which, or rather, thanks to their criticism or praise, they can influence the choices of new customers towards the best proposals on the network.
These punters ensure the veracity of the advertiser’s photos and tell very explicitly what sexual services are requested and granted.

High level escorts in Milan: who and what are they?

The most beautiful courtesans receive guests in luxurious apartments. Almost all of these girls are actresses, models or showgirls. Many are also students who spend their days between the gym, a photo shoot and university. They are cultured, refined, good natured and also very elegant girls.

Lilian VIP escort in Milan, for those who want to accompany a living statue.

Any examples? If you want to live a memorable experience with a tall model, with very light green eyes, and an athletic and slender body, you cannot fail to contact Lilian luxury escort in Milan. She is perhaps the most expensive and famous high level escort in Milan. A night with her costs a lot, but obviously she offers her services only to a very select clientele and VIPs, people for whom money is certainly not a problem.

Julia super escort, for those who also need a sincere affectionate hug.

Then we find Julia who is another top class luxury escort in Milan among the most loved ones. Incredibly young, many go crazy for her perfect body and her marble buttocks, but that’s not the only reason why actors, footballers, managers and politicians turn to her. This model is also highly sought after for her courteous and sweet manner. You receive yourself in a fabulous apartment of great artistic value.

Sophia top class luxury escort, for those who are not afraid to risk falling in love.

It’s impossible not to also mention Sophia, a luxury escort in Milan. A true divinity descended to earth. The reviews from users of paid sex are truly flattering when it comes to describing her. Some have even fallen in love with this wonderful high class escort. In fact, one of her clients writes about her:

“What a dream! she seemed too good to be true. But then I convinced myself by thinking that good things happen in life, not just bad ones and then I have never been a loser, but an optimistic person and my positive thinking didn’t deceive me this time either because I am a winner. And then I met her and it was love at first sight.
Truly beautiful, an enchantment, a dream, a wonderful smile full of happiness! I won’t go into intimate details because I’m a gentleman, but I had fun and maybe even a little in love. The most fantastic thing, however, is that she exists.”

Mary and Barby for those who want to try unusual sexual transgressions with two girls at the same time in one go.

And here we are at the best high level escorts when it comes to the hottest sexual fantasies. Escort duo in Milan They are two extremely cute and fresh twenty year olds, bisexual and also receive in Milan. A customer writes about them:
“Prices are high, but I’m one of those who don’t commit suicide due to the crisis, I don’t give a damn… I want to enjoy life! In short, I took a risk and had the best night of my life. They are very young, cultured, attend university and have done everything to me. I penetrated them at the same time: two vaginas stacked, then a blow to one and then the other, continuously.

And then I had never experienced a two way blowjob, Mary sucking my cock and Barby licking my balls and anus. An experience that I will repeat at least once a week”

High level escorts in Milan: Where are they located?


The best luxury escorts in Milan receive in the most renowned neighborhoods of the city. For example, the Lady of BDSM, Mistress Athena, receives guests in a well stocked dungeon in the Brera area. The escort with the most positive reviews receives her clients in the very chic City Life, the neighborhood where Ferragni lives. If we really want to frequent the most exclusive escorts in Milan, we must also refer to the central Via Torino, in the center of the city. We also find a super escort for Swiss VIPs, Melissa top class escort, who she receives in the Castello Sforzesco area when she is on tour in the Milanese capital. We cannot fail to mention Lucrezia, a high level escort in Milan who hosts her closest friends in her luxurious loft in the Moscova area.

High level escorts in Milan: what services do they offer?

If you have decided to contact a luxury escort in Milan, know that the sexual services they offer are very spicy and hard. In fact, you will be able to enjoy a real GFE (girlfriend experience), which includes French kisses, CIM, CIF, anal, deep throat and much more. The luxury escort in Milan who offers the most shocking services is certainly the very red and splendid Hanna highclass and luxury escort Milan. According to punter reviews, this beautiful courtesan even practices anal rimming for her special friends.

High level escorts in Milan: how much do they cost?

If you are really interested in having a very exciting experience by meeting a luxury escort in Milan, know that their rates are not for all budgets. They start from 600 euros even for just one hour of pleasure up to 2000/2500 euros for an entire night.
In fact, it is not possible to pay less. High class escorts in Milan have a high price list precisely because they don’t want to deal with ordinary men. Among their most loyal customers are great entrepreneurs, footballers, actors, singers, rappers and obviously non gay politicians.

High level escorts in Milan: how to contact them?

To make an appointment with one or more luxury escorts in Milan, it is first necessary to search for their adverts only on serious and certified escort sites. Then you have to be polite and honest with yourself. Can you really afford to spend this amount? Are you really generous and wealthy men? Or are you a time waster, a perverted maniac or just a curious nuisance? Once you answer these questions, you will be able to contact the girl you like most, never before, or you will be reported to all the blacklists present in the luxury escort databases.



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